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Conny Niehoff "Island 5, 50/100 cm", Painting

Conny Niehoff, Island 5, 50/100 cm, Landscapes: Mountains, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Andrea Kasper "Winterruhe", Painting

Andrea Kasper, Winterruhe, Nature, Plants: Trees, Minimal Art, Abstract Expressionism
Dieter Bruhns "Point of View", Digital Art

Dieter Bruhns, Point of View, Animals: Air, Animals: Water, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Isabel Zampino "Sommergarten", Painting

Isabel Zampino, Sommergarten, Plants: Flowers, Times: Summer, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Christel Haag "Go for It 1", Painting

Christel Haag, Go for It 1, Abstract art, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Ute Bescht "Greta The Great", Painting

Ute Bescht, Greta The Great, People: Portraits, People: Women, Hyperrealism, Expressionism
Renate Horn "Im Märchenwald", Painting

Renate Horn, Im Märchenwald, Fairy tales, Fantasy, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Mareike Kress "Dandelion", Painting

Mareike Kress, Dandelion, People: Women, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Silke Brandenstein "Seelenzauber 5", Painting

Silke Brandenstein, Seelenzauber 5, Fantasy, Colour Field Painting, Abstract Expressionism
ElisabethFISCHER "O.T.", Painting

ElisabethFISCHER, O.T., Abstract art, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism