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Raini Haupt "ohne Spuren gehen", Painting

Raini Haupt, ohne Spuren gehen, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Anne Petschuch "Tulpe 05", Painting

Anne Petschuch, Tulpe 05, Plants, Plants: Flowers, Realism, Expressionism
Eva Vogt "Vom Winde verweht", Painting

Eva Vogt, Vom Winde verweht, People: Women, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism
Maria und Wolfgang Liedermann "Fische und Stier", Painting

Maria und Wolfgang Liedermann, Fische und Stier, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism
dominique hoffer "Fugue au Vent Coulis", Painting

dominique hoffer, Fugue au Vent Coulis, Fantasy, Post-Surrealism, Expressionism
Dietrich Moravec "Beerenauslese II", Painting

Dietrich Moravec, Beerenauslese II, Plants: Fruits, Meal, Photo-Realism, Expressionism
e.w. bregy "Tänzerin", Painting

e.w. bregy, Tänzerin, People: Women, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Marion Eßling "Just above the trees", Painting

Marion Eßling, Just above the trees, Plants: Trees, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Andrea Finck "Fishing", Painting

Andrea Finck, Fishing, Nature: Water, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism
Annette Schmucker "Bunt sind schon die Wälder", Painting

Annette Schmucker, Bunt sind schon die Wälder, Landscapes, Landscapes: Autumn, Contemporary Art, Expressionism